Spring Classes

Our Spring Class at Alamance Community College has just finished up. We had a great semester! Here are some pictures of the students and their work.

Here’s a small bowl by John Zatti: spalted maple, beautifully done.

This view shows the inside of the bowl more clearly. The black and brown lines are caused by fungus that enter the wood shortly after the tree dies.

Grey Upchurch turned this hickory bowl: it’s perfectly finished, not an easy task when the bowl curves back in at the top.

Alan Reid turned these Christmas ornaments. Each one started out as 4 separate pieces glued together with paper in the glue lines. They were turned once, split along the glue lines and re-glued inside out then re-turned. The ornament has lots of visual appeal and is not so heavy that it weighs down the branch where it is hung.

Algene Tarpley made not one, but two stools for his grandson. The legs were riven from green white oak before being turned, then allowed to dry. Before assembly the tenons were re-turned to fit the mortises in the seats. The seats and stretchers were turned from cherry. This project took more than one semester to complete.

I particularly like the way that Algene signed the bottom of the seats.

I love this photo, not because it shows a student’s work, but because it shows a student at work! Here is Ray Schwartz helping his grandson turn a bowl in his home shop. This just warms my heart.

Our newest class member, David, has been turning green bowl blanks and putting them up to dry. I’m sure we’ll be seeing some finished work from him next semester.

This class means so much to me and I am so proud to be able to share some of their work on my website. It just shows me that I need to take more pictures.

3 thoughts on “Spring Classes

  1. I took your class many years ago. I’m probably the only patent attorney you’ve taught, and if memory serves, your father was a patent attorney.

    You’re a fine instructor – glad too see you’re still teaching!


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