Woodworking Workshop at NCSU Crafts Center

On January 28, 29, and 30 I will be offering a woodworking workshop focusing on the sharpening and use of chisels and handplanes at the Crafts Center at North Carolina State University.

Sharpening is what I would call a foundational skill in wood working. Sharp tools are essential to any type of hand work, but sharpening is not an end in itself. We will sharpen the tools and then put them to work and re-sharpen as necessary. We will explore several ways to sharpen chisels and hand planes and flatten and smooth a hardwood panel which we will finish as a small cutting board.

Below is the prospectus for this class that I submitted to John when we planned this class for the Fall semester. It should give some idea of what to expect, although we will probably concentrate more on tuning and using hand planes.

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