Post-and-Rung Chair

Post-and-rung chair - Walnut
Post-and-rung chair – Walnut

Today I got a first coat of finish on a post-and-rung chair that I’ve been working on for a while.  This chair was made following Drew Langsner’s excellent book The Chairmaker’s Workshop.  My chair is different from his in that I turned all the parts on the lathe, whereas he makes his using a drawknife and spokeshave.  I rived all the pieces from a green walnut log and turned all the parts while the wood was still green.  I then dried the rungs in a drying chamber, similar to the one described in the book, before re-turning the tenons and assembling the chair.  I used through-wedged.mortise and tenon joints to join the rungs to the legs: Langsner uses blind mortise and tenon joints.  The rear posts were steam bent and the back slats were boiled.  Now I need to weave a seat.

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