Come to the NC State Crafts Center this Saturday for our annual Crafts Fair.

I’ve been making tops since I’ve been turning wood.  As a kid I played with them at my Grandmother’s house so they have wonderful associations for me.  I make mine shaped like acorns.  One of my early woodturning teachers was Jake Brubaker.  He was a Menonite minister and made acorn shaped handles on his spice boxes.  He told us that he did this because in the Menonite church the acorn was used as a symbol of hope and renewal.

I’ve been making these this week to get ready for the crafts fair at the NCSU Crafts Center on Saturday from 10 to 5.  They’re $5 each and I should have plenty.  Here’s a little longer video of me making one.

Turning of the Seasons



Saturday June 18, I will be demonstrating woodturning at the Wake Forest Farmer’s Market in the Renaissance Plaza on Brooks Street in Wake Forest from 8 am to noon.  We will celebrate the coming Summer Solstice with an event called “Turning of the Seasons.”  Featured artists will be Nancy Redman demonstrating wheel thrown pottery and Sharron Parker showing her fiber arts; I’ll bring a small lathe and will do some bowl and some spindle turning.  This event is an effort to expand awareness of the Farmer’s Market, a wonderful weekly market in downtown Wake Forest, which supports local growers and helps the community by providing locally grown fresh foods.  If you have an interest in wood working I would love for you to stop by to visit.

Here’s a short video shot by Mike Webb of the demonstration at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday June 18, 2016.


I’m turning a small white oak bowl.  There is bowl from the same tree which I had turned earlier in the morning sitting at the end of the lathe.